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Vicky's Journal
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Monday, November 7th, 2011
10:05 pm
Writer's Block: The missing piece
What do you believe we are missing in this world?

So many things. But most of all, the ability (or willingness) to let go of selfish desires and see the bigger picture. Putting on blinders and only caring about what directly applies to you is a great way to screw yourself in the long run.
Thursday, August 4th, 2011
8:25 am
Writer's Block: Happy birthday Mr. President!
What is one thing that needs to be changed in your country?

Lol, only one thing?

I guess I would have to say, people need to start using their brains and looking at the bigger picture. Stop being egotistical and self-absorbed, and do the right thing instead of what is easy.

The #1 thing that needs to be changed in my state? Scott Walker needs to be recalled.
Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
1:53 pm
CONvergence is next month.

My costume is not even half finished.

Incoming freakout.
Sunday, May 8th, 2011
12:30 pm
Costuming post~!
I am done with my super-late-night class and almost done with my program altogether. Woohoo! That means it's job hunt time, and until I get one, I have free time! Yay! Time to work on all the costumes I have been dreaming up in my mind!

Mad props to my awesome friend Jamie who helped me make my first corset. It's regency era, and I look awesome in it. ^^ It just needs to be finished and I need to purchase some corset lacing, and then I will be done with my very first historical piece of clothing!

I have been casually working on my competition piece for CONvergence. Since I already had something like 75% of the materials for it, I figured I should at least attempt to finish it. I have already done the first step of dying a new piece of silk. The tie dye thing happened again. But instead of rage, I am just going to keep redying it until the piece is close enough to one solid color that I can be happy. I have noticed that the imperfections in silk dye are so much less noticeable when the fabric is dry. And honestly, I don't know that anyone would notice unless I pointed it out. So, I'm saying screw it. I will do my damned best because I want to compete in another masquerade. Who gives a shit if I don't win an award? I need to get back to that attitude I used to have - sewing is fun, running around in a costume is fun, and the reason I compete is to give myself incentive to improve!

I am also going to casually begin working on my Geek.Kon costume. Zomg I am so excited about it, and even my hubby has some interest.

Wheeeeeeeeeeee costumes~!

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, September 14th, 2010
7:46 pm
Chemistry, I hate you. Give me my life back.
Monday, August 30th, 2010
12:53 pm
"I can totally get this costume done in time!"

Famous last words. I need coffee.

Side note: Chem 2 is going to kill me.

Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
2:01 pm
Rambly post
So...I don't know if I'm going to get this costume done in time for CONvergence. If I do, I have no idea if I should enter it or my Cirque costume. This costume is going to be fun and go with the theme of the con, but it probably won't be as "amazing" (i.e. intricate and painstakingly built) as my last costume. On the other hand, my Cirque costume has already been competed, I already have a presentation to go with it, but I am annoyed with certain parts of it. But my Cirque costume is awesome. But the other one is just so fun!

Motivation, please return! I have no motivation to finish. And there isn't a lot to finish....A great friend has been my motivator and advice-giver. I won't be up there until Friday evening. Shit.

I have a hotel room in the main con hotel (total score, I'm excited), and I'm trying to convince Andrew to come stay with me as it seems that my previous roommate won't be able to come because she is moving a lot sooner than she expected. Also, maybe if he comes, he'll learn about the awesomeness that is costuming...

I think after CONvergence, I'm just going to work on costumes at whatever pace I feel like, and whatever gets done will be when I decide what con I will compete it at. I seriously think that setting deadlines makes me less motivated and more frustrated than necessary. Also, I want to remake my Alicia costume. I look at it now and it was so fantastic at the time, and now I see a ton of fail because I know how to do things better.

I'm probably not going to Otakon anymore. Some of it is because of the money, some of it is because I'm not really feeling it this year, and some of it is because of all the other shit going on that weekend (Heidi will be coming up b/c my parents are going on vacation, and I've been invited to my friend's cottage that weekend). Also, I have a final that Friday morning, and although I can take it early, I just don't really want to. I dunno, I would like to go see a high school friend that I haven't seen in forever, and I'd like to see the Yoshida Brothers, and also my other friends. But money...etc...

Blah. Sorry for the rambling. XD

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
2:53 pm
Writer's Block: My Dream Job
What's your dream job? Are you qualified for it? If not, would that stop you from taking it if it were offered to you?

I have a couple of "dream jobs." The one I'm aspiring to right now is to be on a research team. As to what type of research, I'm not 100% sure, and I really would do nearly anything that was offered to me. My dream would be to get into one of the labs at the UW and then continue my studies there.

Alternatively, it would be awesome to be "professional" historical costume researcher. Or do something where I can sew all day. Speaking of that, I'm having a hell of a time getting a dart to look decent on a satin bodice. Any suggestions?

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
3:38 pm
Expensive hobby is expensive
Oh snap I just spent waaaay too much money on satin of all things for Peach. It was on major sale! But...it's satin! And my last experience with satin was horrible...but it's appropriate for this character...Sigh. At least it doesn't seem to be a cheap satin, and has a pretty low sheen, and I know how to use my serger to help with the fraying... Blah.

Oh yea, Cosworx also gives free shipping now. So guess who bought another wig? I had to buy one that was much longer than I wanted because the short wigs were too short for the style I will need.

Fffffffffff. I need a job to support this habit.

Basically, I have decided that I'm going to make the Shadow Queen Peach costume, but I'll decide which costume I'll compete with at CONvergence later. Worst case scenario, it will be a fun hall costume, or if I get really ambitious, maybe a competition piece for Otakon. Ha! I'm probably going to drop the other ballgown I had planned for Geek.Kon in lieu of this one, since it should be acceptable for the masquerade ball. We'll see how ambitious I am once my summer class starts.

And I totally sat down, ready to start on my 15th century gown today - and realized I need wool. And I have no idea where to get good wool. Sure, it's in all the fabric stores and online stores, but cheap wool makes me itch like a monkey, and I have never worked with wool, so I don't know what "good" wool even is.

I need to pick up some of those sewing/embellishment books that were brought up at CC28. I really am insane enough to pick up one of these long term projects. Moar monehhh!

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
2:18 pm
Aaaaa, freak out!

I still have painting to do on my legbands. I'm not happy with my glove. I haven't been able to try on my costume with the feathers on it because there are constantly feathers drying. I hope it looks good, or I'm going to scream.

Feathers are starting to fray. I really wish I had known about cutting on the bias to prevent fraying before I cut them out. Ugh, I'm such a noob. I am also going to hot glue the leg bands to the ballet slippers. It's hard to sew through leather without a leather needle, and quite honestly, I'm down the wire and I don't know if I have the time for sewing.


I hope this all gets done, and I hope it all looks decent. I don't want to embarrass myself. Yes, I'm being whiny, and I know it, sry. I haven't been sleeping well and the stress of finals and pre-final exams is getting to me. And honestly, I'm about ready to say "good enough" to most of this stuff. But then the guilt of not being accurate enough gets to me. Sigh.

Current Mood: panic time
Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
2:26 pm
Painting at school sucks. My hands are all black. And paint makes me feel icky.

But I must do it...only 2 days until the con and I must sleep some. QQ

Thank goodness for caffeine.

Current Mood: working
Monday, April 26th, 2010
1:02 pm
Ramble ramble, costume, ramble ramble oh hai
Instead of studying for my Chemistry exam on Thursday, I am playing around online. Meh. To be honest, I'll study Wednesday probably. While my costuming motivation is coming back, my school motivation is basically gone. Oh well.

I have to drive out to Milwaukee this afternoon to give a 20 minute presentation on my thesis. Which I have already passed. Seems like a waste of time to drive 3-4 hours round trip to do this. Especially since I have my last Chem lab at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow.

It's gorgeous out. But I feel like I'm still half asleep. Maybe it's residual crud from whatever I had last week. I woke up sick to my stomach on Wednesday, and couldn't eat anything until Thursday night. Even now, I can only eat a little bit each day, or I start getting sick to my stomach. No idea what is causing this. And no, I'm not pregnant.

Costume progressCollapse )

Costumes that I want to doCollapse )
Dammit, there went my soda. I knew I was going to spill shit on myself today. Good thing I brought an extra shirt for my presentation. I keep spilling stuff. I think I need to stop having liquids near me.
Friday, April 23rd, 2010
1:09 pm
Dear self,

Here are your goals for the weekend.Collapse ) Sorry for the previous messiness.
Sunday, April 18th, 2010
4:44 pm
I just love wasting an entire weekend trying to make one stupid fingerless glove - only to figure out that no, there is no way to make this look decent with this material.

I am so screwed. I will be so lucky if this thing gets done in time. Guess what I'm going to be doing at MACS tomorrow? >.>
Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
2:53 pm
Ok, I have to do this
Against my better judgement, I am making myself a nice costume progress list. I am hoping this makes me feel better.

Damn leotardCollapse )

So, all in all, I'm making decent progress. In terms of how long this is going to take, I'm about 50% done. The leggings and armband will take a nice chunk of time, as will the wig styling, but I don't think I'm going to be working on this the night before the con....hopefully.
Monday, April 5th, 2010
1:54 pm
Oh crap. I didn't get nearly the stuff done I needed to last week. Part of it was due to laziness, but most of it was due to a bird emergency and a doctor appointment that I had for my knee.

I spent Monday testing out my dyes and techniques to see if they would work correctly on the fabric feathers. They did, so I started cutting out the feathers. Tuesday, I finished cutting out the feathers. Then I went downstairs to check on the birds.

One of my birds was fluffed up, sitting on the bottom of her cage, and barely breathing. She was cold, and I could not get her out of the cage because she had a death-grip on the bottom of the cage. It was the baby bird all over again. I panicked, and drove her to the vet. I was afraid I was going to lose her before I even made it to the vet. The prognosis was very poor, the vet said that since she was cold, her internal systems were already shutting down. Birds that size cannot have blood drawn because they have so little blood - but he guessed that she had overwhelming septecemia. He gave us an estimate for her care, which was pretty expensive. But, I could not take her home and just watch her die. So, I went ahead and decided to treat her, knowing full well that she would probably die.

This time, a miracle did happen. She responded very well to the treatment and was able to come home the next morning. I have to force-feed her an antibiotic twice a day, and she hates it, but I don't care. I'm just so happy that this time, I did the right thing.

Later that day (after the bird came home), I had an appointment for the doctor to take a look at my knee since it never fully recovered from my fall. I have to take 500 mg of Aleeve every day. And ice my knee each night. Oh, and surprise! I get to go for more physical therapy. -_- Whatever. I'll do it. But if it doesn't help me, I am going to be right back in her office with documentation of what was done. And since the exam, my knee has been hurting even worse. I'm wondering if she triggered something while she was pushing and prodding and jiggling my kneecap.

So needless to say, Tuesday and Thursday were pretty much wasted days when it came to sewing. I spent the rest of the week dying my feathers. I only got done with the purple. I still have 2 more colors to do.

Oh yea, and the wig. And the leggings and arm band.

Oh, and don't forget the presentation for my thesis that is due at the end of this month!

I am so screwed. T.T
Monday, March 29th, 2010
11:39 am
Small update
An update on the two boys who fell out the window - apparently the older one, my former student, was released from the hospital and was back in school last week. His brother, the younger one, was taken off of a ventilator on Friday. I haven't heard much about his condition other than that. I just hope the little guy didn't suffer brain damage. I am still reeling from that news. I really hope CPS finally got involved over this. Please keep sending prayers/good thoughts/good energy their way.

As for me...my knee is still not completely healed. It's still very tender to the touch and somewhat swollen. Last night I felt a small bump when I ran my hands over it. I have no idea what the bump is - I'm sure it's residual swelling. Nevertheless, I've made an appointment to see my doctor. Three weeks should be more than enough time for my knee to get back to normal.
Saturday, March 20th, 2010
5:07 pm
Costuming blathering
I really hate my costume. Really. I've been working on getting this stupid, non-stretch material to fit like a leotard. It's just not happening. It doesn't look like a trash-bag on me, but it isn't fitting like a stretch material. I suppose that isn't surprising, since it isn't a stretch material. I'm starting to feel like I shouldn't have bothered; like this was probably too much for me to take on.

Not to mention, my sewing machine is a piece of garbage. I can't serge the whole thing, though. Not with all the fit issues I'm having.

I guess the one saving grace is that the thing is covered in the cloth "feathers," so the fit issues probably won't be as big of an issue as I'm making it. But still, I am working my ass off to make this look as good as possible, and I feel like I'm just failing immensely.

And yet, I have a plethora of costumes waiting in the wings. I've cut it, because there are a bunch of pictures below.

Pics and discussion of future projectsCollapse )

Maybe this is a sign that I really am a costumer now, lol. I hate my costume, and yet I want to do more.
Friday, March 12th, 2010
9:38 am
I am nearly done with my thesis, and was recommended to apply for spring graduation by my advisor. Cool, I'm almost done, I thought. And graduation falls on the Sunday of ACEN, which is fine because with Costume Con being the weekend before ACEN this year, I wasn't planning on making it a big deal. Plus, Dawn won't be coming, so it wasn't going to be a major priority for me, but I've already pre-registered and planned on meeting up for a photoshoot on Saturday.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday telling me that they needed my order for my cap and gown by March 25th (thanks for giving me ample time) and that - oh yeah! - they had decided to change the date for graduation to Saturday.

This of course means that I will not only have to miss meeting up with my friends for this photoshoot, but that I will only be able to go on Friday. Now, I'm not so upset that I can't really spend much time at ACEN, or even that I have to miss the photoshoot (I probably won't have a new costume for it anyway). But I am pretty irritated that the college decided a mere 2 months prior to the ceremony that they were going to change the date without any sort of warning whatsoever. I want to walk - this program put me through hell, so I think I deserve to walk. What if I had people coming in from out of town who had bought plane tickets for Saturday already? There's no announcement on the school's website about the change, no e-mail about the change, just a letter that was sent with the package saying I have 2 weeks to get everything in to them and that the date was changed.

As much of a flake that I can be, I get that shit happens and stuff doesn't get done until the last minute. But if you're going to change a date for graduation, at least give me more of a heads up than this. Oh, and why the date change?....because the Milwaukee Admirals *might* need the location for the playoffs. Even though this has never been a problem before. And hi, wouldn't you know that the playoffs might happen that day like a year in advance? You know...when you booked the site?

At least this means that Otakon is pretty much a go now, since I won't need a hotel room or food for ACEN. And CONvergance is much more likely, as well.

Current Mood: annoyed
Monday, March 1st, 2010
12:19 pm
Writer's Block: Marital license
Do you think a marriage license should have a renewal or expiration date, just like a driver's license?

Lol, marriage licenses do have an expiration date, usually about 60 days after you get it .... A marriage license is permission to marry. The actual document that goes on file is a marriage certificate.

And no, why should they have an expiration date? Your birth certificate doesn't...neither does your death certificate. The only thing that would cause a marriage to "expire" is divorce, and you go through a legal process to do this - therefore, divorce is what causes your certificate to "expire."
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